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Dear Library Enthusiast:
It’s that time of year again…you are getting letters from many great non-profit organizations and you are trying to make decisions about which organizations to support.  So why should you support WVPL? 
You may have heard others who don’t use the library pose this question, “Why do we need libraries now that there’s the Internet?”  Why, because saying that you don’t need a librarian because you have the Internet is like saying you don’t need a math teacher because you have a calculator.  This is the type of service we aspire to give every library patron:
Dear Director,
I have 4 kids at the school district and the oldest just started high school. Yesterday, she had a project and we had to use the library printer to print some color photos because our printer at home was broken. It might sound easy, but the program that my daughter created the images on wasn’t communicating with the library computers. Mr. Button stepped in and helped us from the minute we walked in to the library until we finished. He went above and beyond his job requirements. He spent a great deal of time helping, guiding, adjusting, and insisting that we did not give up. He made sure that she got her homework project done correctly.
I was very impressed that someone would have enough patience, dedication and willingness to go through all that trouble just to help someone else. He is really a great asset to our township, library and community. It makes me so proud of all of your staff and you personally for overseeing the wonderful staff in our library.
Thank you,
Mike  Aziz
Will you help to provide this kind of service to others by donating today?  You can choose to donate towards electronic books, print books, educational events, or let the library decide where we need it most. Just check the box that matches your wishes on the enclosed envelope. If you prefer donating online, go to and click on donate. 
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We also wanted to let you know how we spent your donations last year:

Books & Movies       $6,481 (196 books & 126 DVD's)
Technology                $ 370 (Software)
Educational Events  $1,088 (21 Programs)
Greatest Need         $58,035 ($22,348 Building Repairs, $31,858 Polaris Computer System and $3,829 Equipment Maintenance)



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