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Banana Dance with Pete Moses

Kids doing the Banana Dance at the library's Pete Moses Concert

Thanks to patrons and donors like you, we’ve made big improvements to the library services we provided the community this year.

We updated the library website to make it more attractive and user friendly. You may have visited the website to borrow eBooks or to try out Morningstar Investment Research Center.  Or maybe you signed up for Wowbrary, our weekly email newsletter about the library’s newest books, movies and programs.

The Blue Bell Chapter of the Friends of the WVPL raised the money that we needed for a new electronic sign at the Main Library in Blue Bell.  People are noticing the events posted and are signing up for classes and programs.

The library increased the number of events offered in 2011 by 136.  These events served an additional 1,362 people. New ongoing events include Folk Guitar Lessons, Tech Q & A Sessions, Tech Test Drives, How to Build a Website Courses, and iPad Classes.  

Donate to the Annual Giving Campaign through PayPal.  All donations are tax deductible.



Will you help us? You can donate towards new books and movies, library programs, technology needs or let the library decide where we need it most.  This year we have an anonymous donor who will match new donors up to $10,000.

Just click on the donate button and when you see "Add special instructions to the seller", type in your choice.

Thank you for your donation!


"Your contributions are not just a donation to the library, but a gift your whole community can share."

Anne Frank, Director

Patrons learning the iPad at the library

Volunteer Alan Torchon helping patrons at a Technology Q&A session

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WVPL currently gets matches from employees and former employees of General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Merck, Citizens Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Penn Virginia Corporation, The Pfizer Foundation, The Quaker Chemical Foundation and Oracle.  Some companies will donate based on hours that their employees volunteer.  Please check with your company.

Donate to the Albright Endowment Fund  

Mail or drop off your donation with a note that you are contributing to the Endowment to ensure the future of the library.

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