Strategic Plan

Strategic Theme:

The library is a vital asset and substantial presence in the Wissahickon Valley area, serving as an anchor for community and civic life, providing opportunities for life-long learning, and encouraging life-enrichment and cultural engagement at the personal and social level for all community members.


  • The library serves as an anchor for community and civic life and as a leader among local organizations to serve, enhance, and respond to residents’ needs and interests.
  • We will initiate and support collaboration among local organizations to enhance community life.
  • We will provide programming, resources, and services that support residents’ participation in the benefits and responsibilities of citizenship and community membership.
  • The library supports life-long learning needs and interests in a welcoming, accessible environment for our diverse constituencies.
  • We will implement specific, targeted technology, programs, services and environments that support educational and vocational activities for children, young adults, and adults.
  • The library promotes life-enrichment and cultural engagement for our patrons.
  • We will continually update collections, programs, resources and services to support diverse needs and interests for research, literature, media, technology, education, entertainment, information, local history, group learning, and activities including regional and global resources.The library proactively invests in its marketing, facilities, staff, volunteers and business processes in order to enhance its ability to achieve its mission in a 21st century context.
  • We will promote the library in order to substantially increase awareness and use of library services and resources.
  • We will update, furnish and equip our facilities to serve as attractive and hospitable local centers ready to support our civic, community, life-long learning, personal and cultural enrichment objectives.
  • We will assess the long term readiness of our facilities to support the library’s current and future needs and develop appropriate recommendations.
  • We will re-constitute our web presence as a full service virtual branch providing immediate access to electronic resources, materials, programs and services and directing residents to the additional resources, materials, programs and services available in our physical branches.  Our virtual branch will also provide rich virtual information centers for the neighborhoods and municipalities that make up our service area.
  • We will invest in staff/professional development, and in technology, and service delivery improvements that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the library in achieving its vision.
  • We will expand and strengthen our volunteer program in order to provide the personnel resources needed to implement our vision.