Afternoon Speak

2nd Thursday presents Afternoon Speak

September 11 - Steven Saffier, Audubon Society
Mr. Saffier will be discussing bird migration and bird identification.

October 9 - Katie Scott, Environmental Education Specialist, French Creek State Parks
The bat population has been on the decline for the past several years. Ms. Scott will be coming in to discuss bats and their habitats and what we can do to create new habitats.

November 13 - Chris Kalb, Park Foreman & Arborist for Lower Gwynedd Township
Mr. Kalb will be discussing how to properly prune your trees and things you need to be aware of for maintaining your trees.

December 11 - And the Legends Continue with Judy Parrish
Decorating a tree from “bare” to “tinsel” with special ornaments and explanations of their significance and origins. Stories of other observed traditions and the legends and explanation of familiar things we associate with the Season.

January 8 - Other Means of Travel, Debbie Ryan, Spring House Travel
Join Debbie Ryan from Spring House Travel as she discusses many options for unique travel experiences. Train travel throughout the world, biking and staying in bed and breakfasts in Europe, specialized walking tours in far flung countries, bus tours and more.

February 12 - The Story of Historic Pennypacker Mills, Montgomery County Parks & Heritage Dept, Linda Callegari
From the story of the property to those who lived in this stately mansion, find out why Montgomery County preserved this unique and special historic site. Home of Samuel W. Pennypacker, twenty-third Governor of Pennsylvania, the mansion houses an unbelievable collection of family heirlooms and historic treasures that are part of the experience for visitors. Join us as we explore this local treasure right in your backyard!

Location:  Lower Gwynedd Township building, 1130 N. Bethlehem Pike, Spring House (across the street from Giant)

Registering: Call  the library 215-643-1320