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National Liberty Museum: Allies in Action (For Teens)

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 10:00am
Event location: 


For grades 8-12

How do we balance our rights with our responsibilities? How can we use our rights to protect the rights of others? Is it our responsibility to do so? How can we be an ally to others?

In this interactive tour and workshop, students get to the bottom of these questions by studying art, videos, and primary source materials to learn about the importance of allies and allyship in the fight for equal rights. Students will discuss the presence of allies today, and how they can affect positive social change. Then, reflecting on their own motivations and inspiration, students will create a work of art to share.


During this program, students will:

• Be introduced to the concept of “liberty” and identify where and when there have been gaps in liberty

• Be able to distinguish between rights & responsibilities and explain how they are related

• Understand what an ally is and provide historical and present examples

• Identify Social Issues and discuss actions that help bring about social changes

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