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ONLINE: How to Meditate and Reduce Stress

Sunday, May 17, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
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Our world may feel like an isolated and scary place right now.  You may find yourself feeling stressed, anxious and worried about family and loved ones, finances, work obligations, or navigating through all of the information regarding COVID-19 and the effects it is having in your community and your life. 

Now more than ever it is important to keep our minds and bodies healthy and in a state of balance. 

Meditation is an incredible way to help keep you feeling grounded and present, rather than allowing your mind to wander off into fear, worry, and anticipation. It will help you shift your mindset and create a sense of calmness and peace in your mind and body.  

Take a deep breath, and join Jason Blau, Meditation Teacher and Mindset Coach, for a unique and useful Introduction to Meditation Workshop for anyone who wants to reduce stress and anxiety, and start living a healthier and happier life.

Participants will learn:

  • how to get into a comfortable seat with proper alignment
  • How to use the breath as a focal point
  • Simple breathing exercises to invite calm and balance

This will be an incredible introduction to meditation for beginners and also help enhance any existing meditation practice. The goal of this workshop is to give you the tools that you can use immediately to feel better and live with ease. 

This program is free and will be offered online only via Zoom. 

Registration is REQUIRED at You will then receive the link to access the webinar on Sunday, May 17 at 1 PM.  



As an experienced Meditation Teacher and Mindset Coach, Jason Blau helps individuals feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or stuck in their life. His goal is to help people become clear on what they want, feel happier and peaceful, and enhance every aspect of their life by teaching them how to meditate.

Jason became passionate about the life-changing effects of a daily meditation practice through his own personal journey.  Just seven years ago,  he was juggling the demands of a young marriage, a newborn child, a graduate school program, and a high-pressure career.  Jason discovered meditation and began practicing daily. He used this transformative tool to stop negative thought patterns, manage emotions, and to become less reactive.  As a result, everything in his life began to change for the better!

He decided to shift his career and become certified to teach meditation and yoga.  He opened the first guided meditation studio in the Philadelphia area - instructing over 3500 people to date. Jason has also worked with corporations and school districts helping to positively influence the culture of these organizations. 

Jason believes meditation is the foundation for transformation and success. His techniques have helped so many to learn to meditate and create a daily routine that fits into their lifestyle. One that improves their well-being, and helps them to achieve their goals while feeling peaceful and happy inside.  Getting started is often the hardest part - he is excited to show you how!

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Meditation Coach Jason Blau  - Virtual Program - Sunday, May 17 at 1 PM

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