Masks are encouraged, but no longer required for fully vaccinated patrons at Blue Bell and Ambler Branch libraries.  See our STATUS page for the latest on our procedures.

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About Us


The Wissahickon Valley Public Library is committed to support literacy, life long learning, informational resources, and life enrichment for all of its patrons by providing community based physical and electronic access to collections of print and media and supporting effective and enjoyable use of these collections. We are particularly committed to providing the children of our community appropriate environments, activities and collections that support information and arts literacy.

We recognize the opportunity to collaborate with libraries and other organizations across the country to share access to collections and other resources. We also recognize the opportunity to collaborate with the civic, social, arts, educational and other community organizations of our locale to extend our community impact and contribute to a rich community culture. We particularly recognize that our patrons are seeking opportunities to create, personalize and share content and that they may increasingly become sources for our collections, activities and other resources. Finally, as a tax supported entity, we recognize a particular civic responsibility to return unique and measurable value and benefit to the Wissahickon community.

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