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Auto-renewals at WVPL

As you may have noticed, WVPL has begun to auto renew items for the convenience of our patrons. Some MCLINC libraries did this after the upgrade in September last year, but not everyone did. As a result, patrons with items out from multiple libraries would often find that some of their items renewed automatically and some did not, so they ended up with different due dates. After MCLINC polled circulation supervisors, a majority of libraries requested that we all use auto renewals to make things more consistent for patrons. So we joined the auto renewal club.

How it works: Any WVPL item that is eligible for renewal will be automatically renewed if it is not returned. The automatic notification will go out 4 days prior to the due date saying that the item has been renewed. The new due date will be 3 weeks after the original due date. So, if an eligible item was originally due on May 1, the patron will get a notification on April 27 that the item has been renewed and is now due on May 22.

Items that are not eligible for renewal will not be automatically renewed. This includes items that have holds, and items that are limited to 0 renewals in the item record (like museum passes). In these cases, the patron will get an automatic "almost due" reminder 4 days before the due date.

Bonus Borrows are back on Hoopla! During May, there are hundreds of titles to discover without using your monthly instant borrows. From the Home page in the Hoopla app, simply scroll down to the Bonus Borrows icon and tap.  Borrowing these titles will not count against your monthly limit.

POWER Library survey link

POWER Library, Pennsylvania's online electronic library, requests feedback from all PA residents. Whether you're a daily user of the POWER Library or never heard of it, or somewhere in between, please click the icon to take a short survey. Thank you!

Top Ten Downloaded Magazines in Libby

  1. The Economist
  2. The New Yorker
  3. Us Weekly
  4. The Week Magazine
  5. OK! Magazine
  6. Cook's Illustrated
  7. Woman's World
  8. Good Housekeeping
  9. Prevention
  10. HGTV Magazine

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Are you researching the EPA Superfund site in Ambler? You may access the EPA documents about the Ambler Asbestos Piles from our Local Links page.

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