Take a Stand for Posture workshop at Ambler

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Take a Stand for Posture


In today’s technological era, we spend many hours slumped in front of screens. Poor postural habits cost our health and wellness, causing pain, headaches, anxiety, and depression. You can improve your posture by building positive posture habits. 


The Workshop -

This fun and interactive posture workshop will teach the micro-habits we can build daily to improve our posture and live an empowered, pain-free life. We will go through a ‘posture analysis’ and learn the ‘BRACE™ framework’ of posture correction.  


We will review a healthy workstation setup, driving seat setup, and posture stretches. Together we’ll learn how simple changes can lead to better posture for life.


How You’ll Benefit


Attending this posture workshops will help you achieve the following:

•           Learn why posture is the key to health

•           How posture determines the longevity

•           Proper no-cost ergonomic setup

•           Reduced likelihood of injury

•           Pain-free movement

•           Slow and easier breathing


About the Instructor-

Aesha Tahir is an exercise physiologist, human movement specialist and a nutritionist. Leveraging almost a decade of experience in the exercise industry Aesha, facilitates fun and engaging wellness training and workshops. She loves seeing the empowering transformations in her clients. In addition to offering corporate workshops, she is a keynote speaker. Aesha is the author international best seller and award winning book “Unhunched: Discover Wellness Through Posture.” She is a health and wellness columnist for ROVA, Women’s Health, Fitness Trainer, and Personal Fitness Professionals.

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